Project Management

Project Management the Optimum In Quality And Project Executive
The purpose of the Project Management Plan is to establish the basic project management framework of the project, including reference documentation and general project information. As the number of oil and gas petrochemical or industries are growing and expanding, the demand for state-of-the-art technology, excellent quality and extremely short realization periods in the cases of new investments projects are increasing.
The requirements which need to be met by the project management team are enormous. Great experience and extensive coordination and logistics are called for so that data and equipment are in the right place at the right time, i.e. on the job site.

RITS Group with several Specialist and Technician are ready to provide "fast-track" project execution which includes ideal coordination of standard practices. The application of a quality management system certified to EN ISO 9001 means more to us than just meeting the standard.
Leader of contractor is RITS Group and shall be responsible for the overall project representation towards Owner and shall act as a coordinator of the general common interest and/or general combined activities of parties. Project Management Team is established for the strict execution and responsible for the development of Project Management Plan and its implementation.

RITS Group is a team of experienced professionals with expertise in project planning and Development. Our professionals employ industry best practices to drive project success and are uniquely positioned to deliver significant cost and time savings Solutions.